Marriage is under attack

Marriage as an institution is under attack. Individual marriages are under attack. No one can question the truth of these statements. But questions remain:

Why is marriage, the Domestic Church, under attack? How long has it been under attack? When did the attacks start? Who has been involved? What do the attacks on marriage have to do with Satan’s rebellion against the Most High? What is the story of Satan’s battle against the Domestic Church? 

Rebellion answers those questions.

Rebellion tells that story.

A thoroughly-researched blend of history and theology, Rebellion explains why the Domestic Church is at the center of Satan’s revolt against the Most High. A riveting story you won’t want to miss.

Rebellion is not your typical Christian book, where at the climax, Christ on Calvary wins the victory, and we all go to Heaven. Rebellion is a story of a battle that is still in progress. While Christ died once for all, His final victory still awaits us. Until that day, we are still in the middle of a great war: the war for souls. The battle against marriage is the key battle in that war, and the attacks against marriage will never cease until Christ’s final victory. Rebellion isn’t a story of Christ’s victory; rather, it is a wake-up call as well as a call to arms.”

— from the Introduction

Today it is easy to find all sorts of critiques on the institution of marriage. Some say that marriage needs a revolution, to be modernized, and made relevant to the times we live in. Others say that the very idea of marriage is outdated, is not important, and needs to be abolished outright. Many of the harsher critiques use words like “patriarchy” and “misogynistic” and “oppressive”, or say that marriage is just a product of religion that is likewise outdated.

Couples who are married are facing increasing pressures on their marriage. Countless marriages face a wide range of challenges: infidelity, pornography, addiction, disinterest, and apathy to name a few. The rise in popularity of internet searches for phrases like “my marriage is falling apart” and “does marriage counseling work” go hand in hand with the increase in frequency for searches of “benefits of an open marriage” and “divorce lawyers near me.”

Why does it seem to be so difficult for couples to stay married? Why are so many couples avoiding marriage? Why are so many marriages falling apart? Why is marriage as an institution under attack?

In short, regarding the state of marriage both as an institution and when talking about individual marriages that are troubled, how did we get here?

Many people have asked those and countless other similar questions. With a blend of history and theology, Rebellion sets out to answer them.

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