Are you trying to discern a sense of purpose in your life?
Are you ready to take your faith life to the next level?

Put your faith into action by letting the saints show you the way.

More than just a Catholic saints encyclopedia or saint of the day calendar, it is a daily devotional that puts the lives of the saints—and your faith—to work. Designed to be used over and over, The Saint Challenge offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the captivating lives of the saints to find wisdom and inspiration for your own journey of faith.

  • Read the lives of influential saints, from the Apostles and first generation of Christians through modern-day saints.
  • Learn the history of the Church and the people responsible for making history.
  • Improve your understanding of Church teaching.
  • Be inspired to improve your own spiritual life, and the lives of others, through daily challenges. These challenges include corporal and spiritual works of mercy, strengthening your understanding of Catholic faith through catechesis, and perfecting your interior life of prayer.

Throughout the year you will learn about the rich history of the Catholic Church, and the people who were responsible for the customs, traditions, hymns and prayers, doctrines and dogmas. The great history of the Church is told by the lives of these holy heroes, and The Saint Challenge will inspire you to be part of that living history.

  • Over 450 pages
  • Includes a section with 35 common prayers
  • A great gift for catechumens, 1st Communion, those preparing for Confirmation, and graduation

As you read the harrowing times the saints endured—war, poverty, plague, scandal, persecution, heresy, and schism—you will realize the challenges we face today are really no different from what these heroes of faith endured hundreds and even thousands of years ago. 

They came from all walks of life: rich and poor, loved and abandoned, converts and reverts, ordained and laity, workers and thinkers, farmers and missionaries, soldiers and martyrs, the very old and the very young. But the one thing they had in common was how they exercised their faith in the midst of adversity and challenging circumstances. Their lives are a testament to the transformative power of faith, and they provide us with a roadmap for reclaiming our society for Jesus Christ. 

The Saint Challenge turns the witness of their fascinating lives into inspiration toward your personal growth in holiness.

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