Commissioned Rosaries

All Catholic Treehouse Rosaries are made one at a time, by hand, to your specifications. Consider them not just a sacramental, but a work of art. Your Rosary can either be made exactly how you want it down to the size of the beads, or you can provide a general direction and be delighted by the finished result where thought and meaning is put into the selection of every detail.

Our Rosaries are totally custom. That means that the first step is to talk to you about what you want. We’ll gather information about the intended recipient, and any special meaning that you would like conveyed in the Rosary. Once we have that information, we’ll get to work. Most Rosaries are manufactured in 2-3 days, depending on our production schedule. (While we have a stock of popular hardware and beads on hand, certain specialized hardware or beads may have to be ordered that may cause an additional delay.) In general, plan on 7-10 days for your custom Rosary to be completed.

What is the Rosary?

In 1208, a Spanish priest by the name of Dominic Guzman was traveling through France and preaching against heresies. Growing discouraged at his lack of success, he retreated to the woods where he fasted and prayed for Divine help. After three days, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to him and told him that he would need to pray the Marian Psalter in order to be successful. The Marian Psalter was a prayer developed by Cistercian monks consisting of 150 Hail Mary’s, divided into groups of 10 by Our Fathers. It was not, however, meditative or one that could be preached. The Blessed Mother revealed to St. Dominic that certain mysteries — stories of Christ’s life — should be meditated on for each set of Hail Mary’s (also called “decades”). Meditating on these mysteries would then unlock them, and these mysteries could then in turn be preached against the heresies that were being spoken against Christ’s incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and ascension.

This form of prayer would come to be called the Rosary: a “wreath of roses.”

The Rosary is a gift from the Virgin Most Powerful to us, and it is a mighty weapon in spiritual warfare. 


Pater – Also known as an “Our Father” bead, there are a total of six of these beads on a standard Rosary. Paters always “stand alone” with a space on either side of the bead.
Ave – Also known as a “Hail Mary” bead, there are a total of fifty three of these beads on a standard Rosary. Aves are always grouped together.
Decade – A Pater followed by ten Aves. There are five Decades in a standard Rosary.
The Drop – This is the part of the Rosary with the Crucifix on the end, followed by a Pater, a group of three Aves, and another Pater.
Center – The center medal that connects the Drop to the rest of the Rosary, and closes the loop of the Rosary.

How to say the Rosary

We’ve put together a free 1-page PDF that you can download by clicking here. It includes the prayers, mysteries, and order of prayer. It also includes the fruit of each mystery and scriptural references.